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Welcome to Talking Mortgage!

Your first step to unlocking the language of mortgages...

About Jacob

Hello, my name is Jacob, but my friends will call me Odie, and I am the founder of Talking Mortgage. I've been in the mortgage industry for just over a year now but have been blessed to have studied under some of the top mortgage professionals in Arizona. When studying for my MLO exam and once I started off in the industry, I often found myself talking to my friends and family about everything I have been learning. Even when talking to people who have gone through the mortgage process front to back it was surprising to me how little knowledge they truly had about mortgages. Through these conversations I realized how much lack of information and education there was out there and especially in a format that was easy to follow and understand. That's when the lightbulb flickered and the idea to creating Talking Mortgage was born. My specialty lies in transparent communication, aiming to make the mortgage process clear and comprehensible, helping everyone unlock the language of mortgages. My passion truly is in assisting people, not in selling dreams that don't match reality. I firmly believe that by educating potential homeowners honestly and setting realistic expectations, I can help position them for success in achieving their dreams of homeownership. It’s all about honest guidance as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

The mission

At Talking Mortgage, we’re all about empowering first-time buyers and seasoned homeowners alike by demystifying the world of mortgages. Our mission? To make the complex, jargon-filled realm of home loans accessible and understandable to everyone across the United States. We believe that knowledge is power. With clear, transparent communication and grounded guidance, we’re here to equip you with the essential tools and insights you need to navigate the mortgage process with confidence. But we’re not just here to help you secure a loan; we’re here to support you in making well-informed, confident choices on your journey to homeownership.


Come join us at Talking Mortgage, and together, let’s unlock the language of mortgages.

Jacob Odegard



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